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These are examples I can coach you on, if there is something you don't see here please get in touch so we can discuss your individual requirements.

Managing Change

Improving Relationships

Professional Growth

Personal Growth

Planning Outcomes

Confidence Building

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Let me introduce

I’m Sally Cheek –

Coach and Master NLP Practitioner

I work with individuals who are ready to make changes to create a more fulfilling life. They are willing to examine their limiting beliefs, take ownership for their actions and design a way to live that more fully expresses their passion and authenticity - life is too short not to! With a holistic approach, I work with my clients to build a solid foundation to maintain their wellbeing and live a balanced life full of meaning.

Sally Cheek – Founder

Coaching Offerings

Magical & Inspirational lessons for people seeking help.

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The Process

Ready to create a fulfilled life?
Let’s focus on you.

It will take determination, patience and courage. You will need to be very honest and prioritise yourself. You will need to believe in the power of being vulnerable. If you are willing to show up and do the work, the journey to a fulfilled happy life will be worth it.

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I offer a Complimentary 30-minute Discovery Call so you can get really clear on what you want to achieve from working with a coach. It’s also an opportunity to see if we are the right fit for each other. There is no commitment at this stage.

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After our discovery call you will book in your sessions for us to work together.

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This is your time in a safe space to explore, be curious and initiate change that is fulfilling, eye opening and achievable in line with your goals.